hospitable family I think the whole team have been blown away by the hospitality we have experienced in this first week of being in Kolkata. We have a lot to learn from the Indian people in regards to how they give of their time to others and how they treat guests. This last week we had a day where we went on house visits and we pretty much showed up unexpected on peoples doors and they all welcomed us with open arms and gave us the best seats in the house, food and something to drink.

At one point we came to a house where we knocked on the door for a little while and no one answered, so after a couple of minutes we decided to head over to the next house. When we where about to leave, the door suddenly opened and a lady came out. She had been asleep and was woken up by our knocking, but she still invited us in and gave us the bed and chairs to sit on. She was standing the whole time. We talked and prayed for her a short while, and when we were about to leave she insisted that we would stay so she could give us something to eat. While we were eating it started to rain pretty bad and we where debating if we should still continue to the next house in the rain or just find some shelter to cover us until the worst had passed since we didn't want to overstay our welcome, but she told us that we could just stay at her place until the rain stopped.

Later that day we visited another house and we experienced the same hospitality there. We came unexpected, but they still welcomed us and gave us the bed to sit on. They sat on the floor. They were open to talk to us and we never felt rushed or that they had more important things to do. While we where there they sent out one of the family members to buy us something to drink. They served us traditional sweets and Pepsi, and had nothing for themselves. And when we left we where showered with hugs and kind words.

We set out to bless them, but in the end they were the ones blessing us.