Some of you may have seen a few posts and photos on facebook saying that we have indeed arrived safely in Kolkata, India! Flying in a week and a half ago, we have been settling into our new place – an apartment in a smaller community that has been a great place to start to get to know a little bit about India. We don't have much access to wifi or internet of any sort but we're hoping to keep you updated as much as possible throughout the time that we're here. Most people will tell you that their experience of India is crazy, hectic or chaotic – yet we've been lucky to be placed in an area that is actually quite calm. It's a beautiful, green place and because we're not too close to the main road it's fairly quiet. We have walked the small streets many times in the last week and a half and have already started to recognise the faces of several of our neighbours, especially the children who will run out of their houses just to greet us with a smile and a handshake.

On arrival we were given a short orientation by the group that we've been communicating with, Megacities. Every second year they focus on a major city in a different country, partnering with and blessing the local churches by bringing in teams throughout the year who slot into ministry wherever needed and even helping to pioneer new ministries that are forming.

Our area of the city has several ministries already existing and we live directly opposite the local church and attached school. The Pastor of the church is our main contact and through him we are getting connected with the ministries that need assistance and encouragement. So far we have done some prayer walking around the streets and spent time with the local children who are more than happy to have their photos taken, play soccer with us, chat to us in their limited English and help us learn some Bengali.

We're also really excited to be living where we are because our apartment is one of three floors that are in the process of being turned into a children's home for street kids. We've been put in contact with the couple that own the building and have been dreaming and setting things into motion. Currently they run a street children ministry that we've been lucky enough to spend some time with already, and I am sure that over the next little while you'll hear a lot more about it!

Children in alleyway bw


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