I am sure that I have mentioned this over and over again in the past few months - but we have met so many wonderful people here in Brantford! We had it easy coming to live here because Jon and Layne have so many top-quality friends who were excited about pouring into our lives and becoming mentors and friends of ours. I just want to take the time to open your eyes to a few of the beautiful women that us girls in particular have been blessed by on a regular basis...

Small Group - Brown Dog(There are a couple of others as well, Becca and Rachel, who are missing from this photo!) 

These women have opened their homes to us, baked us goodies, driven us around, met us for coffee dates, lead our weekly worship, made us laugh (or cringe) with their stories, prayed for us, gone for walks with us and opened their hearts to us.

Layne is one of the most amazing women that you will ever meet. She has so much on her plate - co-running a photography business, teaching at YWAM schools, being our 'track mum' and always making sure that we're alright, not to mention overseeing all of track and what that entails! Plus, she makes the best choc-chip cookies you've ever tasted.

Alisha has such a beautiful voice and leads us for worship each week. Not only does she put aside an hour of her Tuesday mornings for us, she always shows up with a smile on her face. Throughout our worship sessions she's open to what God is saying to her and leads us accordingly - which we love! She is open, friendly, always up for a chat whenever we see her around.

Sharon, our fearless leader for Asia outreach, is one of the most friendly people you will ever meet, easy to chat to, loves to laugh, and lives a life for God. She's the perfect leader for our team! She's giving up so much for the three months that we're overseas but I know that we're going to really benefit from having her there - so we're really thankful for that!

Tamarah has been co-leading our Friday night small groups along with Esther and Layne. She has to be one of the strongest women that I know. Only 4 days before our first small group she had her first child, Ollie, and yet she still chose to come spend an evening with us! She loves a laugh, has a huge heart, and is always up for an open conversation about whatever we bring up (and sometimes more!). Plus, she always lets us hold Ollie when we have small group which we love. _DSC1926_DCS001

Esther is so passionate about God and relationships and has spent a lot of time planning our small groups when she's leading. She has a ton of wisdom that we've been lucky to benefit from. She also loves a laugh and our conversations can take some very interesting turns on occasion. She's another 'mother' figure in that she's always looking out for our needs and making sure we're going to be safe whatever we end up doing.

Alisa is my (Cat's) mentor ("one-on-one") and we have been meeting weekly to chat through how things are going and just have a good time. She's super sweet, has a gorgeous smile, is an amazing listener and has a lot of different experiences under her belt which lead her to have a lot of wisdom. She's got a gentle way of asking questions that make me think, and then follows them up by praying for me. I love the time that I get to spend with her!

_DSC1008 Becca is Idun's one-on-one. She's quirky, friendly, loves to laugh and is full of great ideas. She's a part of the staff at the local youth drop-in centre where each of us have been involved at some stage, so even though she spends a little more time with Idun than the rest of us - we've all been impacted by her in one way or another.

Rachel is Beth's one-on-one and even though we don't do as much with her as Beth does - she's always up for a chat whenever we see her. She's full of laughter and so much wisdom in many ways. Her job is a crazy, hard and hectic one but she pushes through because she knows that God has placed her there for a purpose, something that's really refreshing to see.