"Track is going to fly by. It sounds like it will never end but in the midst of the busyness take time to soak in the moment and have fun (lot's of it!). Enjoy and embrace all there is - good and bad, difficult and easy, fun and not-so-fun. Track is so wonderful and beautiful when you let the Lord work in and through you amidst the craziness." That paragraph above has been playing on my mind ever since Hannah came and visited us in our first month. Coming all the way from Hawaii just to meet our team, Hannah is a track graduate who felt passionate enough about the program to sign up as staff.

The way that track is formatted involves a lot of moving around, a lot of teaching and a lot of outreach. When we were in the first few weeks - it was really easy to look at the 21 months ahead and see it stretching on forever without seeing an end to it. But now that we've been here in Canada for 3 months and preparing to leave for outreach in 4 days (!!) it feels as though we've barely spent any time here at all and that's a little scary because I know that it means that the rest of the time is going to fly by as well.

I love my track family; Beth, Idun, Eric, Layne and Jon, Sharon, Hannah. I'm sure we probably make up the strangest family that ever existed, with all of our different cultural backgrounds and quirky personalities.. But on the random occasions when we get reminded about the end of track and how quickly it's going to come, it makes my heart hurt a little to think about leaving these wonderful people.

So I'm holding onto the wise words that Hannah wrote to us with as she left a few months ago and not taking track for granted. I'm going to continue enjoying the small things, learning from the hard times, loving more than I think I can and drawing closer to God through it all.