_MG_0321People, we made it. We survived the first quarter-chunk of our Track. I realise that to hear the word ‘survive’ kindles images of one barely living or just getting by, and so rather I want to say that we’ve thrived through these first few months. To thrive is to blossom, to bloom, to prosper and to flourish. Here in Brantford we’ve been surrounded by an eclectic group of people who have our best interests at heart. This Brantford family has sought to invest in our photographic understanding, our Church history knowledge and into the health of our lives with God. In these first initial months we’ve felt challenged, inspired, passionate, encouraged and released, as well as the odd moments of feeling incapable, discouraged and rather small. Nevertheless, in a time where our process of growing as individuals as well as growing as a team has begun, God’s grace has been so sufficient. He helped us in every extent throughout the days here and I feel confident that the quarters to come will be no different.

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