Ever since our classes on leadership and humility started two weeks ago I've been trying to work out how I would blog about what we were learning. The thing is that all of it is so good it's hard to even find somewhere to start! We've just read two books, 'A Tale of Three Kings' and 'Humility', which were deceivingly short. Both take only a matter of hours to read from cover to cover but are so packed with wisdom that you can't possibly take it all in as you read. Each of us would scribble down pages and pages of notes as our speaker, Mathu, was leading our discussions each day.

We focused a lot on humility because as it turns out - that's the basis for good leadership. So what defines humility? Throughout the two weeks we read and discussed multiple definitions that made up different aspects of humility. A few that really caught my attention are:

- "Humility is agreeing with what God says about you." 

- " A place of entire dependence on God." 

- "The surrender of yourself to God, to allow him to do in you what He pleases, no matter when others might say or do."

Just out of interest I went on google to search the definition there and here's what I found: hu·mil·i·ty - "a modest or low view of one's own importance."

Unfortunately that's exactly what the world tells us - that to be humble we have to have a low opinion of ourselves in order to lift others up. But this week we discovered that in reality - that's not humility! Instead, humility is letting God define who you are and knowing that He made us all good. There's a difference between saying to someone "You're amazing at ______" and saying "You're amazing at _______, I could never do that!". We should be able to give a sincere compliment to others without dragging ourselves down.

We also had many a discussion about how to go about living out humility in everyday life. What does it look like for us practically? Maybe it's asking someone who is good at something you're not, to teach you some of what they know. Maybe it's going out of your way to do something extra for the person who you would normally overlook. Maybe it's even getting in there and cleaning toilets so that whoever normally does it doesn't need to this week.

No matter how we decide to go about it, the most important thing that I pulled out of this week is that it's all in our heart attitude. If we do something for someone.. but only because we're looking for recognition and glory - that's not humility! It's when we truly are focused on loving and serving people just because they're worth it and God has asked us to, that we're on the right path to humility.

Mathu gave us a photo assignment partway through - to go out and shoot 'humility'. So each of us with our different perspectives and ideas produced one photo that we felt fit the theme.  Beth's Depict Humility Eric's Idun's