In the beginning of this track a couple of us took a walk along the river that goes through Brantford. On that walk we talked about our world and our passion for traveling. We talked about countries we dreamed of going to. We talked about places we wanted to see. We talked about the nations we have a heart for and the nations we know nothing about. A very good point came up in our conversation. How can you get a heart for a nations you know nothing about?

How can you get a heart for a country you don't know the name of, a country you can't place on a map and a country you know nothing about? So on that walk we decided to pick a country every day, read a little bit about it and find things we can pray for in the country. We write it up on a wall in our living room so the whole team can see and during the next year and a half we hope to get through all the countries in the world with a greater understanding and a bigger heart for our neighbours.


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