The heart of the Track is to raise awareness about injustice, not merely regurgitating statistics learned from travelling the world, but showing the faces behind these statistics; the untold stories. Each Track gains a focus throughout their travels of a particular issue that grasps and demands their utmost attention. This becomes the issue that they advocate for, using the photos they’ve taken as a means of communicating and to breathe life into the stories told. As a team, we have been challenged to imagine, pray and decide what issue God wants us to focus on now. We’ve spent time as just the four of us and time with differing people around us, praying and persisting to ask God of His intentions for us and through us. We’ve been excited to hear God’s guiding and, although we’re still very much in the ‘baby-steps’ phase of understanding the details of our vision, we’d love to tell you, oh faithful blog reader, what we’ve got so far. Without much further ado, here is the first wording of our team’s vision:

'Our focus is on researching the diverse sense of home amongst people-groups, concentrating on those unjustly uprooted, displaced or made refugees as a result of another's decision. We hope to find that one's sense of home can be restored no matter what their geographical location.'

Each of us are new to researching and understanding the topic of refugees. If you have any wisdom, articles or contacts to put us in touch with, we'd welcome your input through comments below or personal messages/emails to individual track members.