This weekend Jon took our team to a family-feel justice/vegan/hippy festival. Three hours down the road and after blazing out the entire album of Pitch Perfect, we arrived to a fresh and beautiful change of scenery. We spent our time hand-picking seminars, sitting in on different teachings with topics like radical theology, how we understand social injustice, the history of the indigenous Canadians and art journaling. There were a few really sweet moments we shared together, I'm thankful for them and the small ways they helped unite us. They were... exploring, acoustic campfire nights, stargazing, canoeing, tripping to the beach, playing games, playing ukulele, and fearing being eaten by bears. 140531_untitled_0001 140531_untitled_0003 140531_untitled_0005 140531_untitled_0007 140531_untitled_0008 140531_untitled_0009 140531_untitled_0010 140531_untitled_0012 140601_untitled_0014 140601_untitled_0019