We’re the collaged team. Before this Track started we had staff step up and staff step down; students apply and students drop out. In the run-up to the Track this fluctuating progression felt discouraging, confusing and made my optimism feel naïve. Yet, now that we’re here, hindsight is blossoming. For every instance that made it seem like the 2014 Track wouldn’t run, we now have a testimony that God overcame that obstacle because He greatly desired to bring this team together. I think that through this we’ve got such a patchwork-feel to our family here, it’s pretty beautiful. Our small-groups and mentors consist of a vibrant, diverse collection of Christians living in Brantford, each inspiring in different ways. We’ve just had Hannah Cordero (from the 2012 Track, now staffing from Kona) stay with us for over a week. She fitted in so well, her time given to us being valuable and fun. This brings us to Sharon. I’ve been amazed to see God’s capability to muster up people to contribute to the running of this Track. As a team we didn’t have anyone available to lead us for our three month outreach in Asia, quickly approaching in July. Sharon Reitsma was invited to think about joining our team for this time and, with God’s prodding, she said yes!

For the past few weeks we’ve been able to get to know Sharon and grow together as a family. She’s overqualified for the job, staffing within YWAM Australia and gathering many-a-passport stamp. I feel so confident that through providing Sharon to lead us, God has prepared such blessing for us in our time in Asia. I love the patchwork feel of our team!

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