Hi there, We're the 2014-2015 Track and we're going to be taking over this blog for the next few years!We're a small team but we're aiming to be super organised and share a lot with you as we go! For our individual bios head on over to the Meet the 2014 Track (here) so you can put a face to our voices as we post.

We've only known each other for a short period of time but it was really exciting to sit down together the other day and talk about goals and dreams for these two years, only to find out that they were similar, if not the same!

Here's our list:

- Find our passion. We all have a heart for injustice issues, but we are expecting that God is really going to highlight to us the individual areas that we are all passionate about.

- Discover the plans that God has for our end publication and tour. We have been and still are praying about the theme for our publication. We want to go out into the world, listen to God's direction and make the best use of our time. Our hope is that we discover something that people all over the world can relate to no matter what race, religion or culture you're from.

- We can't wait to meet so many new people, really listen to their stories and see the value that God has placed on their life. Encouraging them and building them up is something small that we can do and we're looking forward to that!

- Travelling is something that we all love and we're excited to visit new places. But most of all we're hoping to make a difference in each place that we go, in even just a small way. Of course we also can't wait to experience new cultures and learn from them as well!

- All of us are eager to learn photography well (luckily we have amazing teachers!) and put our skills to use in a way that benefits those around us.

- Develop our leadership skills. That's a hard one sometimes - leadership. But we're keen to get out there and mature in that area! We'll each take on different roles throughout the time together and help each other grow in that way.

- Of course we also want to keep maturing in our relationships with God! He is the reason that we're all here and doing what we're doing. Doing Bible studies together, learning Biblical truths in class, praying for each other and for the places that we go and seeing God's hand in all situations are a few ways that we are hoping to do that, as well as personal quiet time.

- We know there will be hard times and we are excited (is excited the right word?) to grow and learn through those and develop a team that runs smoothly and works efficiently!

- And lastly, we expect to have heaps of fun!

Can't wait to share more as we go along, Eric, Idun, Bethan and Cat